Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape with Square Tubing

Bending Square Tubing can be a real pain, especially if it’s your first time. You find yourself climbing all over your bender trying to free the tube from the die, hitting it with your arsenal of mallets, and once you finally get the tube free, the inside and outside walls are deformed and the bend quality doesn’t meet your original expectation. But hold on.. How abnormal is deformation when bending square material?

Before you get bent out of shape with square tubing, watch our “Intro to Square Tube Bending” video below. In this video, we walk you through and demonstrate what you can expect when working with square tubing. Wall deformation, bend angle, radius, and bending equipment are a few of the topics covered.


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    2 Responses to Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape with Square Tubing

    1. Your blog is great and yea its difficult to bend the square tubing but you did the good job. Thanks for telling us.

    2. Nice vid! Square tubing can definitely be a pain to bend at times…but a challenge in the metal fabrication world is always accepted. We often are faced with bending square tubing as well for various steel fab projects such as rails, etc.

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