Drag Bike Body Build Series

Episode 1 – A Ride Down Memory Lane

For Trick-Tools owner Bruce Van Sant, building a new body for his Pro-Mod Drag Bike had a lot of meaning. It was a symbol of a growing business and a learning tool for a new category of products. Bruce teamed up with Clay Cook, the original manufacturer of ProLine Metal Shaping Tools, to learn the metal shaping process and to gain hands-on experience with his equipment.

Now, almost two decades later, we’re resurrecting the unfinished body to create a build series that will walk metal shapers through the steps from start to finish. Topics such as buck building, panel layout, basic and advanced metal shaping, and more will be covered throughout the series.

Watch Episode 1 below to learn the history of the motorcycle and the passion behind the project.

Bend-Tech Dragon Tube Cutting and Marking System

When first introduced to the Bend-Tech Dragon Plasma Notcher, it didn’t take us long to figure out how it got its name. Its unique beast-like figure looks intimidating and the sparks from the plasma cutter replicate the breathing of fire. These characteristics are vastly similar the the fictional beast, making the Dragon a perfect name for this hardcore Plasma Notcher.

It’s accuracy and capabilities are unlike any animal we’ve seen, almost as if it’s unreal. The Dragon is capable of taking full length tubing, cutting it to length, notching the end profile, marking holes or slots as needed, and marking any bend locations with rotation and degrees; something you wont find in any other plasma notcher.

Included with the Bend-Tech Dragon is two powerful software packages; Bend-Tech Industrial and Bend-Tech Dragon Software. Working side by side, these products will allow you to create 3D CAD designs from scratch or convert from SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, PRO Engineer, etc. into a readable format for the machine. Dragon Software will automatically create your cutting, marking and etching paths directly from Bend-Tech Industrial and comes with a nesting ability to allow several parts on the same stock tube.

Check out the video below and see this nonfictional machine in action. This video was shot at the Trick-Tools booth during the 2015 SEMA Show and highlights some of the major characteristics that make the Dragon a necessity in a production environment.

Ring Brothers – Custom Cars

ringbrothers_logoIf you are a car guy like us, you’ve probably always loved a certain 60’s vintage Mustang or Camaro. The Ring Brothers have blended a pure appreciation for these old muscle cars with off-the-wall creativity and current technology. In our opinion they have created some of the most amazing restomods in the country the last few years and have a pile of high profile awards to back it up. These guys use a powered bead roller for creating custom details in steel and aluminum panels and also a tubing bender for custom roll cage and chassis work.

Check them out – and prepare to be inspired by what creativity, super hard work and quality tools can do!