English Wheel Kit – What Would YOU Build?

What would you build with an English Wheel Kit?

Some people just love to build stuff, anything at all….it’s simply about going hard and getting something done. These Do-It-Yourselfers may reach for a torch, a rusty framing hammer or a tree stump – and that’s quite all right with them. They not only fix their own projects but things for the friends, the in-laws, the neighbor and garbage man. They can always make it work with the tools at their disposal.

In the other corner stands the tool junkie. Although they share the same love of building stuff, in some ways its really about the tools (whether he admits it or not). To the fabrication tool junkie a shop full of “Status” tools is similar to a car guy having a garage full of award winners. They experience smug satisfaction when walking in the shop and find things as they should be: Quality tools that are clean, a little bling, and proudly perched in their place. For them, that’s when life is good.

MetalAce has offered an English Wheel U-weld kit for many years. But as you look at some of these pictures maybe you’ll agree with me that it could be called the U-dream kit, or U-customize kit, or U-do-it-your-way-the-right-way kit. It’s perfect for either personality because we start with quality USA made components that are rugged, tested and true to ensure a machine that gets shaping work done right. Plus, it has just enough shiny polished steel and attention to detail to satisfy the fabricating tool junkie who is ready to get creative and churn out his own unique showpiece!

So what would you build with an English wheel kit: Welded tube frame or plate design? 3 legs or 4? 20, 30 or 50″ throat? Painted, powdercoated, or bare steel? Click here to see the kit if you are ready to give it a go. (New video showing the components – see here!)  Once you tool junkies have “nailed it”, show us your answer to the question by emailing us a picture of the finished machine – we’ll hook you up with a Free MetalAce Radius Check Gauge just for sharing.