Rob Ida Fulfills the Tucker Torpedo Dream

Not very many hot rod builder achieve the status of “coachbuilder”, but one shop in New Jersey has by pursuing a dream passed down through three generations.  Rob Ida of Rob Ida Concepts, along with his father Bob, is creating the first ever Tucker Torpedo concept car. With only fifty original Tucker automobiles produced in 1948, they have become some of the most highly sought after and collectible American made cars.  The Tucker Torpedo concept car was never built and currently exists only as a scale model in the Peterson Automotive Museum.

The task that Rob has undertaken is fueled by a passion starting with his grandfather, Joe Ida.  In 1948 Joe started a Tucker dealership in Yonkers, New York which was only open for three days when the Tucker brand folded.  Joe sold one hundred and thirty cars in this short time but never took delivery of the goods and was forced to refund each customer’s money.  Joe was even unable to obtain a model for himself and spent the rest of his life Continue reading

Atlantic Concept Car Inspired

Bold, creative, daring, inspiring, cutting edge, futuristic…..these are a few words often used to describe concept cars built by the big automakers. In 1994 Bob Lutz of Chrysler first sketched the idea for a car know as the Atlantic that would be a show stopper at the famous Concours D’Elegance in 1995. But the original car is not the focus of this blog, but rather served as the creative spark for customer Garry Smith……

The first photo shows the original car, but believe it or not the additional photos are Garry’s own re-creation of the Atlantic in process! Using a MetalAce English Wheel the aluminum front fenders are well underway showing off that swoopy 30’s French styling. Notice the wood bucks that have been built to serve as a pattern for the complex shape. I asked Garry a few questions and here is what I found out →

Q: What’s underneath all the body work?
A: I started with a 1990 XJR Jaguar, cut off the Continue reading

Ring Brothers – Custom Cars

ringbrothers_logoIf you are a car guy like us, you’ve probably always loved a certain 60’s vintage Mustang or Camaro. The Ring Brothers have blended a pure appreciation for these old muscle cars with off-the-wall creativity and current technology. In our opinion they have created some of the most amazing restomods in the country the last few years and have a pile of high profile awards to back it up. These guys use a powered bead roller for creating custom details in steel and aluminum panels and also a tubing bender for custom roll cage and chassis work.

Check them out – and prepare to be inspired by what creativity, super hard work and quality tools can do!