Drag Bike Body Build Series

Episode 2: From Start to Buck

So, you want to start a metal shaping project. You have the proper tools and a concept in mind (or on paper), or maybe you have a panel that you’re trying to duplicate, however you’re not quite sure how to get started. Cue episode 2 of our Drag Bike Body Series – From Start to Buck.

In this episode, it’s our goal to help you understand how to get started on a custom metal shaping project and to take the design process from an idea to a concept rendering. Buck building will also be covered, as well as different buck styles and when it’s necessary to use a buck. Once a buck is made, we’re ready to

Drag Bike Body Build Series

Episode 1 – A Ride Down Memory Lane

For Trick-Tools owner Bruce Van Sant, building a new body for his Pro-Mod Drag Bike had a lot of meaning. It was a symbol of a growing business and a learning tool for a new category of products. Bruce teamed up with Clay Cook, the original manufacturer of ProLine Metal Shaping Tools, to learn the metal shaping process and to gain hands-on experience with his equipment.

Now, almost two decades later, we’re resurrecting the unfinished body to create a build series that will walk metal shapers through the steps from start to finish. Topics such as buck building, panel layout, basic and advanced metal shaping, and more will be covered throughout the series.

Watch Episode 1 below to learn the history of the motorcycle and the passion behind the project.